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 Portal MySNU  SNU Intellectual Property
 Management System
 WEB Mail  Institute for Global Social
 SNU Mobile APP    Academy of University
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 SNU Messenger
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   Reserve regiment
 SNU Library  College of Humanities
 OSOS  College of Social
 Research Affairs of
 Foundation  College of Natural
 etl  College of Nursing
 SNUON  College of Business
 SCARD  College of Business
 Scholarships for
 Students  College of Engineering
 The Office of
 International Affairs  College of Law
 SNU Career
 Development Center  College of Education
 Institute of
 Protection and Safety  College of
 Veterinary Medicine
 Health Service
 Center  College of Music
 Gwanak Residence
 Halls  College of Medicine
 Dormitory  Graduate School of
 Public Health
 (Dormitory)  Graduate School of
 Public Administration
 SNU Human Rights
 Center online
 Education System  Graduate School of
 International Studies
 University Archives  Graduate School of
 SNU SENATE  Dept. of Statistics
Automatic forwarding of SNU e-mails to another account
- Since various campus information and administrative notices are announced
   via SNU E-mail, users who prefer to use another email account are recommended to set up the
   automatic forwarding.
- How to set up : login -> Webmail -> Settings -> Sending Mail -> Automatic Forward to
   Exteranl Mail